Year in Review: Peter Gleick on Water and Power Generation

December 30, 2021

I spoke to MacArthur “Genius” award winner Peter Gleick about water issues and drought. Above, he reminded us about the critical need for water to cool thermal (coal, gas, nuclear) power plants, and the comparison to renewables, which need none.

Below, Dr. Gleick on measures we can take to conserve and extend out water resources.


2 Responses to “Year in Review: Peter Gleick on Water and Power Generation”

  1. Nuclear plants were not shut down because of lack of water to cool them. They were shut down because of temperature limits put on the rivers and lakes where the heated water is discharged. There was one reactor that was shut down on the French Belgian border due to low water levels but:

    Safety concerns were ruled out as a cause for the reactors’ suspension.
    I really have to wonder how Peter Gleick ever got a Genius award.

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