Year in Review: Amy Westervelt on PR, Climate Denial, and Conspiracy Theories

December 29, 2021

Amy Westervelt’s “Drilled” podcast is great listening, and I spoke to her on the roots of climate denial, and science denial, earlier in the year.

Amy used the example of the Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy, hatched by Alex Jones ( who recently lost a very expensive lawsuit brought by those parents for defamation) as an example of the type of stuff that is the collateral damage of long term climate denial exposure.
Below, more recently, Jones explains that the recent Kentucky tornado disaster was the result of ‘weather weapons”. Of course.


3 Responses to “Year in Review: Amy Westervelt on PR, Climate Denial, and Conspiracy Theories”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Jones spends this time on Bennet’s comments, which support virtually NONE of his BS tornado claims.

    More proof of how stupid and deluded Jones is, as are his followers.


  2. gmrmt Says:

    Oh c’mon! Everyone know Alex Jones isn’t real!
    He’s a computer generated avater created by the Kentucky Bourbon industry.

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