Climate/Meteor Metaphor: Cartoonists Got There First

December 27, 2021


5 Responses to “Climate/Meteor Metaphor: Cartoonists Got There First”

  1. Holy shit! Now I’m getting worried!

  2. Don’t Look Up!
    I watched the film twice. The first time I couldn’t understand half the audio as it was crap. I only watched it a second time to check out the role Cate Blanchett played. My lord she’s a great actress! The rest were not worth mentioning really. Nor was the plot.

    We will have to experience the real, unfolding disaster that is climate breakdown to finally wipe out our sense of humour.

  3. neilrieck Says:

    While this comic has nothing to do with the climate/meteor metaphor, it does shine a light on the current political divide

  4. jimbills Says:

    Those two cartoons are pretty brilliant. I’d be surprised if one didn’t influence the other, and both didn’t influence the movie concept.

  5. J4Zonian Says:

    Them, The Incredible Shrinking Man… Movies in the 50s were about new fears of radiation (and about threatened white male supremacy). In the 60s, 70s, and after, they were about rampant development (Towering Inferno) and fear of retribution from nature (various bee, disaster, and horror movies; The Birds (’63) Jaws (’75))


    Movies about “natural” disasters have been about climate catastrophe and the larger ecological crisis for decades. Besides the obvious Day After Tomorrow, movies about floods, fires, storms, temperature, asteroids, volcanoes… have been expressing displaced fears of karma for what we’ve done to nature. It would expand the climate-related movie list by hundreds to consider disasters caused by what’s falsely thought of as “human nature”. Many of them are in such deep denial they don’t even consider human culpability; instead, they project the blame onto something outside humanity. By refusing to place actual responsibility on those who deserve it, the false belief in evil as the essential nature of humanity makes them also defensively reject blame for any humans for the destruction caused by meta-climate catastrophe. What a tangled web.

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