AOC on Manchin: “Take the Kid Gloves Off”

December 20, 2021

Not as incendiary as I might have expected.
“I do not believe that the situation is beyond repair, but I think that it’s going to take a different kind of thinking to get out of it than it did to get into it.”

2 Responses to “AOC on Manchin: “Take the Kid Gloves Off””

  1. jimbills Says:

    “Not as incendiary”

    Ocasio-Cortez was pretty much expecting this from Manchin, and it’s the main reason why she and a few other Democrats didn’t vote ‘yes’ on the infrastructure bill (although she herself was also opposed to several carbon-intensive parts of the infrastructure bill). Holding up that bill was the really the only leverage Biden had with Manchin, and he gave it up for the short-term political win and Manchin’s promise that he’d support the BBB bill. AOC and the handful of Democratic ‘no’ votes were essentially lodging their complaints to the front desk that the game had been ceded:

    So, she saw it coming. The pain was greater for her when the Democrats moved ahead with the infrastructure bill last month. I can’t argue with her ‘different kind of thinking’ to move beyond it, but it beats me what that is. If the votes aren’t there, they aren’t there. Pretty much everything Manchin asked for was given, and he just kept adding more and more.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Spot on. Tying BBB to infrastructure was politically critical.

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