Senator Paul Fought Aid for Puerto Rico – Wants Help for Kentucky

December 12, 2021

WHAS – 11 ( Louisville):

Senator Rand Paul also released a statement, saying “Our hearts are broken for all those suffering from last night’s horrific storms. As daylight comes and we begin to fully understand the severity of the devastation, we mourn and we pray.“

Paul went on to say, “I and my team will do all we can to assist our local and state officials as they lead the immediate response, and we will aggressively help families, businesses, and officials access the federal recovery resources.”

Senator Paul also immediately sent a letter to President Biden requesting expedited approval of Governor Andy Beshear’s requests for federal assistance.

In the letter, he said, “The Governor of the Commonwealth has requested federal assistance this morning, and certainly further requests will be coming as the situation is assessed. I fully support those requests and ask that you move expeditiously to approve the appropriate resources for our state.”

2 Responses to “Senator Paul Fought Aid for Puerto Rico – Wants Help for Kentucky”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Yeah, and it’s “somebody else’s money” that Hawk voters generously give for expensive military toys, so what?

    At least compassion to give government relief is typically paired with actual private donations (unlike, say, private funding of Congressional pork). I suspect Rand Paul doesn’t understand this because he doesn’t have a compassionate bone in his body.

  2. Bryson Brown Says:

    Self-interest isn’t the thing here– it’s the only thing. Funny how the Republican party appeals to supposedly moral / religious values while actually throwing them down and dancing on them…

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