Trailer: Don’t Look Up

December 10, 2021

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movie on Netflix is a parable about climate change, and our inability to cope with it. Also works if you think of our reaction to the possible end of democracy.

6 Responses to “Trailer: Don’t Look Up”

  1. gmrmt Says:

    Funny? We’re living in it and it’s horrifying.

    • tildeb Says:

      But apparently we can’t criticize this lunacy – in any form – without being vilified as some kind of terrible person. That’s why only satire seems to have any legs. Cue up Titania McGrath.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      It’s called gallows humor, and it has gotten me through some horrible episodes in the past.

      It’s hoping to be something that will finally pierce the consciousness of certain people (including the fluff-headed media types who are used to mixing bad news reports with mindless banter and water-skiing squirrels).

      I predict a lot of clippable memes to come out of this movie.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    “Also works if you think of our reaction to the possible end of democracy.”

    I’ve already made the analogy to climate change in another forum:

  3. neilrieck Says:

    Okay so it is official. Someone has bugged my house and is stealing my ideas. For the past couple of years I have mentioned to my wife that everyone alive today should watch the 1951 move “When Worlds Collide”.
    In this movie scientists inform that the Earth will be struck by planet not yet seen. The scientists are dismissed by the nay-sayers but a small group decide to build something akin to a modern day Noah’s ark. The people laugh at the foolish scientists and their waste of time and money. Meanwhile, the invisible rock now becomes visible but many people already comfortable with being nay-sayers now recognize it is real but claim it will never hit Earth. This continues as the external rock gets bigger. At this time some rich industrialists enter the picture who still do not believe Earth will be hit, but they want to hedge their bets.
    Of course this whole thing should be treated as a metaphor for the climate change crisis and I am certain that is what DiCaprio is attempting to convey. I fear that many of the people who watch this will remain like second generation nay-sayers of the 1951 movie.

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