Climate Deniers Attacking “Woke” Climate Policies

December 8, 2021

Kate Aranoff, who wrote the “Critical energy theory” article from the New Republic which I excerpted earlier, and which has touched off a discussion .

7 Responses to “Climate Deniers Attacking “Woke” Climate Policies”

  1. tildeb Says:

    So the question that wasn’t asked is WHY does the ‘woke’ moniker have powerful enough legs to attack and perhaps successfully undermine widespread public investment in renewables?

    That honest and revealing answer matters. I would even go so far as to say I think the future of humanity and the quality of life our children’s children will inherit depends on us doing this now.

    To dismiss that question as if the ‘woke’ were a ‘manufactured’ boogeyman of only racists and white supremacists and alt Right conspiracy wingnuts plays into the hands of all the carbon-based fuel industries and grants political power to those who defend this industry in the name of being anti-woke.

    Hint: how mainstream media (MSM) treats Tesla and Musk is a clue…

    • J4Zonian Says:

      Mainstream, ie corporate media, are owned by the far right, the rich, and fossil and fissile fuel, ICEV, agro-chemical, rail, banking, investment, drug, and other corporations. How they treat anyone and any subject is entirely a function of that and absolutely nothing else.

      What “woke” means varies according to who’s using it and what for, in what context. Without specifying any of that, your “question” means nothing. You talk around and around things, like a politician claiming to be talking about something while studiously avoiding actually saying anything about it.

      You seem to make a lot of statements that are fact-free and so vague and confused it’s impossible to even tell what you believe about anything. You don’t ask anything that stimulates anything but head scratching about what the hell you mean, inviting people to project onto your vagueness and believe whatever they want to believe about what you’re saying.

    • mboli Says:

      I give up.
      — How, in your mind, does the mainstream media treat Tesla and Musk?
      — And how does that make the ‘woke’ moniker powerful?

      • tildeb Says:

        Musk and Tesla should be celebrated as an example of how to effectively and profitably an immigrant with a vision and drive can combat a major sector of the energy system that adds to climate change and win. It is an American success story, a true climate related underdog story, aptly the David and Goliath conflict where David demonstrates many features of Asperger’s that should attract at least some praise.

        But it’s not, and this raises the question why? Why isn’t Biden and the Squad major cheerleaders… if this success story combating industries that rely on the burning of fossil fuels really mattered to the leadership of the Democrats?

        Well, because Tesla is not unionized, apparently. And Musk is White. And he’s really rich. And so we have to care MORE about that, you see. The Democrats (and the mainstream media) more often than not treat Tesla and its owner as a pariah.

        In my mind, this is exactly what not to do if addressing effective climate change in policy is truly a priority. Tesla shows the way (because it’s not a car company so much as an energy technology company). By attaching the ‘unionized’ qualifier to equal federal subsidy for the EV market, Biden has shown his partisan politics matters more than addressing climate change effectively. Or, should I say, addressing climate change policies is shaped by such blatant partisan politics.

        So my point here is that this is another example of how the Democrats and its supporters seem oblivious to this kind of a self-inflicted wound that doesn’t need to be there… if the Administration really was dedicated to effectively addressing climate change rather than some other partisan consideration that can be highlight by the political alternative to effect. That’s why it matters. That’s why I mentioned it. It’s part and parcel of this group-identity, victim/victimizer ideology in action. And that’s really good ammunition for the Republicans, ammunition that should not be handed over with what I keep seeing as smug and virtuous moral superiority that is anything but.

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    The utterly corrupt insane psychopaths in charge of fossil and fissile fuels, both big parties in the US, and so many more rich people, corporations, industries, and organizations have made it clear they will say and do anything it takes to keep power and the money that fuels it. They will increasingly control government, commerce, and every aspect of life, and exact ever more punishment for even expressing opposition. There are only 2 choices: either revolt against them now or forever STFU and submit to slavery as civilization implodes and life goes extinct.

    I hereby announce I am boycotting all oil and coal corporations and will henceforth do everything I can to reduce my already minuscule use of fossil gas to zero. I’ll add pledges as I consider what else is possible and helpful.

  3. gmrmt Says:

    How well have fossil fuel stocks done in the last twenty years? How soon are electric cars expected to reach price parity with comparable ICE cars? (If you look at lifetime ownership costs they already have.) How risky is it to invest in projects that have trouble getting insurance backing them?
    In the end trying to legislate financial companies from investing in better options than ones with poor prospects will fail.

  4. redskylite Says:

    This is just a tactic of fossil fuel interests. They are making a mountain out of a molehill. Our children’s children will laugh or sneer at this pathos, as they struggle against our legacy in the future.

    Climate change is caused by an excess of GHG’s – that should be clear to people of all political beliefs. “Woke” is just a temporary 21st Century fad and buzzword created by obfuscating think tanks like ALEC. Don’t get caught up in obfuscation, life is simpler than that.

    We have to keep on the straight path and reduce our fossil fuel habits and stay sensible.

    As for “mainstream” media – good people are fighting to keep it real.

    “We are in the middle of a post-truth period. Now, everyone is concerned about their own ideas and not the facts”.

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