“Catch the Sun” – New Book is “How To” for Community Solar

December 8, 2021

I reached out to my friend Josh Pearce, formerly of Michigan Tech, now at Western University in Ontario, with a solar question – and he not only answered the question beautifully, but turned me on to his new book project, which is called To Catch the Sun.

It’s a “How to ” manual for anyone that wants to develop a small or community level solar project, for whatever your need might be. Best of all, they retained digital rights, so you can download for free at the website. Of course, if you want a hard copy you can get that thru Amazon.

To Catch the Sun:

This is a book for people looking to build a better future together, that includes:

  • Inspiring stories: Real life accounts of building solar power in communities.
  • Technical details: Straightforward descriptions of solar components and diagrams of systems, replete with real examples (many from the systems described in the stories).
  • Math and science: Easy-to-follow math that allows readers to size small photovoltaic systems for all types of environments and uses.

You’ll get diagrams like this:

More from Josh below.


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