Music Break: Jerry Jeff Walker – Up Against the Wall Redneck Mothers

December 1, 2021

Raw Story:

The mother of Michigan school shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley —
43-year-old Jennifer Crumbley — penned an open letter to then-president-elect Donald Trump
in 2016, thanking him for “allowing my right to bear arms.”

In November 2016, Jennifer Crumbley posted her open letter to Trump on her blog, the Daily Beast reported. Her husband, James Crumbley, wrote above a link to his wife’s open letter on Facebook, “My wife can be spot on. Sometimes.”


7 Responses to “Music Break: Jerry Jeff Walker – Up Against the Wall Redneck Mothers”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    To me that picture says less “troubled teen” and more “innate sociopath”.

  2. Gingerbaker Says:

    Are we supposed to come away from this article feeling that parents who believe in Constitutional rights can/should be more liable criminally for the acts of their children than parents who are not so outspoken?

    • greenman3610 Says:

      “rights” imply responsibilities.
      Buying your unstable, angry 15 year old a weapon when you’ve been told he is acting out in disturbing ways at school, and not keeping that weapon under lock, is criminally irresponsible.
      The “freedom” and “rights” that get bandied about in right wing circles amount to no more than a 3 year old’s “right” to draw on the wall with its own poop.
      Come to think of it, that’s exactly what deplorable did to the Capitol, while exercising their “rights” on 1/6.

      • Gingerbaker Says:

        “Buying your unstable, angry 15 year old a weapon when you’ve been told he is acting out in disturbing ways at school, and not keeping that weapon under lock, is criminally irresponsible.”

        It is certainly morally irresponsible, but is it criminally irresponsible? How many instances are there of parents of children who shot up a school being arraigned on a criminal charge? What are laws in that state? Or is this just a prosecutor stretching their power because the parents are 2nd Amendment and Trump fans? Or am I jumping to that possibility based on the way this post was configured?

        You are painting the Right with a very broad, very vindictive brush here. The fact is that virtually all on the Right are not in favor of shooting up schools or being irresponsible with guns. The people who stormed the Capital are about 1/60,000th of all Republicans.

        The serious question here is whether the political viewpoint of these parents is having any effect on their possible prosecution, and that is an issue that is not right- or left-wing.

        • jimbills Says:

          It’s a right-wing fallback position to claim legal proceedings are just politically motivated – Rittenhouse, 1/6, and so on. Biases may play a role in an individual assuming guilt, but it takes A LOT to actually bring something to court. It’ll take evidence, and prosecutors are currently weighing whether or not they have a case.

          There is precedence for bringing actions against parents:

          Here is what we know on this case: the parents and Crumbley were in a meeting with school officials about his behavior hours before the attack. The parents neither pulled this kid from school that day nor checked to see if the gun was in their custody in those hours. The father bought the gun a few days before the attack, and apparently just left it out for the kid to grab whenever he wanted. Crumbley posted that the gun was his as well as threatening messages on social media in the days before the attack. These parents were beyond negligent. Criminally negligent is a matter the local DA is deciding. Immediately after the attack, the parents told the kid to not talk without a lawyer. They knew he was guilty.

          On January 6th, a great number of Republicans supported it without actually having been there:

  3. Bryson Brown Says:

    It doesn’t help when Mom and Dad are all in with the support and weapons…

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