Ad: Ford Electric Truck Features Described

November 30, 2021

Most complete description I’ve seen of upcoming Ford F-150 EV features.

My very conservative neighbor already stoked about this.

8 Responses to “Ad: Ford Electric Truck Features Described”

  1. John Kane Says:

    Why did the first part of the Ad sound like a an advertisement for a Porche?

    I am a bit cynical but the new vehicle looks lixe a 4-door sedan with an extended trunk.

    • Daniel Berger Says:

      That happens to be the same body style as the most popular conventional F-150 pickup configuration. I know several people who own the exact same body with an ICE under the hood.

  2. mboli Says:

    Parts of that video attracted me. Particularly since my plug-in Prius has such a tiny trunk.
    But the first part of that video was all about living dangerously. Passing on a two-lane highway in the face of oncoming traffic with narrow margins because the car can accelerate very fast.
    Presumably while playing with the monster video game console at the same time.

    And what is “targeted?” At least it is a moving target.

  3. Gingerbaker Says:

    Interesting they didn’t “target” a single word about the environmental benefits of electrified transportation with regard to AGW. Probably a smart thing to do.

    I don’t care if Lightning owners despise Tesla and the Cybertruck so long as they drive electric.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      I’m hoping it cranks up EV envy in the rural blue-collar set, but I can see urbanites using it as some sort of RV-puller.

  4. redskylite Says:

    “The world’s first all-electric, autonomous cargo ship has taken to the waters in Norway in a move that promises to be a massive win for the environment. Even though electric cars are becoming more mainstream, all-electric boats are still relatively rare.”

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      Please work please work please work please work.

      Please don’t be hackable lest it become a Bond villain’s dream toy.

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