Report: Vancouver “Cut off” by Extreme Flooding

November 15, 2021

From 121 F heat in June to unprecedented flooding now.

Kelowna Now:

There is currently no way to drive between Vancouver and the rest of Canada.

Flooding and mudslides had closed most routes between the coast and BC Interior over the past 24 hours, but the back route through Whistler on Hwy 99 remained open this morning.

That changed shortly after 11 am, when DriveBC reported that a mudslide 42 kilometres south of Lillooet had shut down Hwy 99 as well.

The only way to drive between the coast and the rest of Canada at this time is through the United States.

However, Washington is also seeing highway closures due to the inclement weather and residents would need a COVID-19 test to re-enter Canada.

The Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley are now completely cut off from the rest of British Columbia and the country by road.

One Response to “Report: Vancouver “Cut off” by Extreme Flooding”

  1. Bryson Brown Says:

    I flew out of Victoria over BC to Calgary, Alberta on Sunday the 14th as the rain was building– drizzling in Victoria, raining steadily during a short stop in Vancouver, and changing our flight plan due to rough air while approaching the eastern mountains… last night’s news covered major highways blocked and washed out in places, along with towns under water. And the climate isn’t at equilibrium for our present GHG levels, let alone what those levels will be in the coming decades.

    People keep asking whether we can afford to give up fossil fuels– but the real question is, “can we afford not to?”

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