Vanessa Nakate: Ugandan Activist – I Beg You to Prove Me Wrong

November 11, 2021

Another powerhouse voice arises.

New York Times:

GLASGOW — Vanessa Nakate, a climate activist from Uganda, told the United Nations climate summit on Thursday that she and her peers did not believe the pledges that ministers, corporations and banks made this week to move aggressively on climate change.

But they want to.

“I’m actually here to beg you to prove us wrong,” Ms. Nakate said. “God help us all if you fail to prove us wrong.”

In one of the most powerful speeches to date before the U.N. climate summit, Ms. Nakate, 24, told diplomats that leaders already are trying to brand the conference, known as COP26, a success, but that she and her peers weren’t buying it.

“Let us be honest,” she said. “We have been here before.”

After a quarter of a century of climate conferences and new annual commitments, planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. “This year will be no different,” Ms. Nakate said.


3 Responses to “Vanessa Nakate: Ugandan Activist – I Beg You to Prove Me Wrong”

  1. redskylite Says:

    A very strong speech from the heart, I’m afraid it may be in vane as the listeners are already either in agreement or deaf and cold to the heartfelt pleas. Poet Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner aptly set the moral artistic tone in cop 25, not sure whether she won any hearts over. Do the media have to label these young ladies as activists ? – in some minds that has negative connotations and they are just speaking plainly and morally.

    Lets hope something good has rubbed off on the many representatives in attendance and eventually battles will be won.

    Meanwhile over to the scientists and “activists”.

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