New Ad: Net F**ked by 2050

November 7, 2021

New Juice Media spot features Greta Thunberg..

6 Responses to “New Ad: Net F**ked by 2050”

  1. Net Zero = Not Zero

    Great video.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Maybe we can try explaining the problem to Joe Manchin…while he’s hanging from his ankles out of a 10th-story window.

    • Mark Mev Says:

      We were in a meeting at research division and my boss, an ex-marine, was having a very difficult time getting the head scientist in charge of the process line to promise not to change the process for this one run. The scientist had his goal of continuously improving the process, we just needed something consistent. Frustrated, my boss asked the scientist what his response would be if he was hanging by his foot out that window. The scientist fumbled for words, paused, and a compromise was agreed to. I have always wondered what would have happened if the compromise had not been met. My boss would never give me a straight answer on what he would have eventually done.

  3. jimbills Says:

    “Being honest would mean admitting that we’re failing, and we can’t do that, coz then we’d have to stop failing.” Truer words.

  4. ecoquant Says:

    Great production. Funny. Entertaining. And pretty much true, except that … It ignores how much (at least) the U.S. public (still) loves living in a fossil fuel fired and funded economy.

  5. fjohnx Says:

    Greta acquired a slight Glaswegian accent when she lapsed at COP 26. This piece is as true and cogent as it is vulgar and well spoken.

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