We Told You So – 1984 NOAA Film: “The Climate Factor”

November 5, 2021

Things you come across when looking for other things.
The NOAA produced video above features J. Murray Mitchell, who also appears in my collection of archive footage below.

It’s always good to review the lessons of the past, even if those are terribly sad and harsh.

And, probably owing to the YouTube algorithm, the next thing I see is a clip of, among others, Stephen Schneider from 1981, below..


3 Responses to “We Told You So – 1984 NOAA Film: “The Climate Factor””

  1. redskylite Says:

    Hats off to NOAA, they were warning us then and they are warning us now. Needs a government with guts to heed their warnings.

    “Report finds the world’s nations have 11 years left to avoid catastrophic global warming ”


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