Bill Gates: One Billionaire more Interested in Earth than Space

November 5, 2021

4 Responses to “Bill Gates: One Billionaire more Interested in Earth than Space”

  1. indy222 Says:

    “Innovation will save us” – is the Republican meme. It’s false; it’s only a delay, only to take you to an even higher place from which to fall and crash. Eternal growth on a finite planet is fatal, and there’s no worse group stuck in denial than the corporate elites. They refuse to get it.

    Yes, we need technology as part of any hope, but grafted on to our perhaps biochemical-determined lust for MORE MORE MORE, only brings the singularity closer. Read “Scale” from physicist Geoffrey West, who’s a more brilliant mind than Gates BTW, and showing that successive innovations must (and do) arrive faster and faster and have shorter and short finite-time singularities built in. Material waste and throughput remains perfectly proportional to GDP growth, globally. On a planet that is only using up its raw materials at an exponentially increasing rate, this is suicide. Granted the innovation puts off the day of reckoning a bit farther, but it’s only climbing up a tree to escape the bears, inevitably to fall from the top and break your neck.

    Singulariities are not nice. They rip you atom from atom. It’s not “the Rapture” you’ll see wet-dreamt of on YouTube, it’s “The Rupture”.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      It’s not just “innovation” although it certainly is um…annoying that he chose that Republican password. Every single thing the guy says is fundamentally wrong. “You still want to fly around.” WE want to make seeds for farmers…

      That the only thing he mentions he considers radical is vat meat is disgusting—not just the “meat”, even, but the fact that he can’t seem to think of anything else radical we might do. Shift from private cars to public rail and buses? Reduce the military by 90%? Start over with failed states like the US and create a constitution that’s fair, and not weighted toward those with power and money? Eliminate inequality, the main proximal cause of the ecological crisis and what’s driving us toward fascism? Start to address the psychological nature of all our problems?

      And…30 years? We’ll be beyond 2°C by then, with no way to avoid 4. How many people will be dead? What percentage of the human race, mammals, insects, birds, fish, cetaceans, amphibians… will be left by the time his pet nuclear, carbon, and other projects even have a chance of escaping from the lab? Will civilization still exist?

      Radical would be paying attention to science and doing it on the time scale of the biosphere instead of the addicted narcissists.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      What do you mean, “Innovation will save us” is false? Hasn’t innovation already solved hunger and poverty around the world? Hasn’t innovation prevented the propagation of global deadly diseases? Hasn’t innovation already stopped the droughts and hurricanes of the past?

      I’m reporting you to the Ministry of Reassuring Solutions immediately!

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    The most useful thing I can think of that Bill Gates can do to help fight the climate crisis is to hold a conversation with Joe Manchin behind closed doors about the utility of human kneecaps.

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