Planting Sequoias: In the UK, Tree Planting as a Carbon Hedge

November 1, 2021

Don’t be deluded into thinking it’s nearly enough, but tree planting is among the many options we will need to pursue to draw down carbon.

7 Responses to “Planting Sequoias: In the UK, Tree Planting as a Carbon Hedge”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    There are plenty of good reasons to plant trees apart from carbon sequestration: Recovering landscapes denuded by humans, bulwark against further desertification (the Sahel), flash flood mitigation, habitat expansion, cooling urban areas and poor neighborhoods, and—most importantly—blocking the view of drones!

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    Food forests, aka edible forest gardens
    so much better than tree plantations.

    • peNdantry Says:

      This is what we should be moving towards (and as fast as possible). But if communities could forage in such pleasant environments instead of supermarkets, there’s less munny flowing into ‘the economy’. And so, while it may be that such forests will be husbanded and flourish in tiny parts of the world, while we have these lunatic pundits pushing their failed and ultimately disastrous economic theories it will never happen on the grand scale that’s needed.

  3. greenman3610 Says:

    foraging in the woods is a tough sell to voters, I suspect

    • peNdantry Says:

      Yeah, I’ve no doubt you’re not wrong. But the alternative of dying from thirst and/or starvation is, surely, a tougher one? Oh, that’s right, I forgot, Those In Power will never admit that that’s the alternative until it’s too late.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      People actually pay pick-your-own places, and enjoy it as a picnic. Many people already see the wisdom in growing extensive edible forest gardens, more are coming around, and education can accelerate the shift.

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