Chevron Opponent Jailed in First “Corporate Prosecution”

October 31, 2021

Don’t think that Steven Donziger’s legal issue is abstract and has no meaning for you.
As energy giants come under increasing pressure, the precedent of corporate directed prosecution is a concern to us all.

Above, short clip. Full interview below.

Amnesty International:

In this joint letter, Amnesty International and other civil societies, express their concerns about the situation of Steven Donziger, a US human rights lawyer who has been sentenced to six months in prison and denied the opportunity to be granted bail while he appeals a conviction on a politically motivated contempt of court charge, after having spent more than two years in pre-trial house arrest. They are seriously concerned that the case against him appears to be in retaliation for his work in defence of the rights of Indigenous peoples in Ecuador who were victims of Chevron Corporation’s oil dumping.


6 Responses to “Chevron Opponent Jailed in First “Corporate Prosecution””

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Mamma mia, here we go again:

  2. Living in Ecuador and concerned about the continued selective ‘blindness’ of the world, this story saddens me. It’s good that Democracy Now has brought this to a larger audience. Is there a petition – or a way that all people concerned can state their disgust – or support Mr. Donziger – send him mail – whatever — and not just shrug and say, ‘This is horrible’?

    Surely he knows there are many people who appreciate what he has done – especially the communities in Ecuador that need help and are suffering ‘ — yet appreciation from concerned people of the world offers zero help.. What can we do?

  3. neilrieck Says:

    I’ve been following this for a while. Shocking stuff

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