Almost There: Historic Climate Investment

October 29, 2021

UPDATE: Jennifer Granholm this morning:

Above, Biden advisor Kate Beddingfield on the status of the infrastructure bill, in particular mentions climate package up front.

Below, Pramila Jayapal is a leader in the critical progressive caucus. Her take on passage – “absolutely yes”.


2 Responses to “Almost There: Historic Climate Investment”

  1. jimbills Says:

    2:45 on the Granholm video, there’s an opinion article today in Barron’s that the reason NG and oil prices are high is mostly because those industries haven’t been profitable in the recent past, and the companies aren’t willing to right now to put more investment in new wells and exploration – preferring, for now anyway, to just get the profits they can out of current wells:

    NYT on the updated bill with a focus on the climate part:

    ‘The centerpiece of the climate spending is $300 billion in tax incentives for producers and purchasers of wind, solar and nuclear power, inducements intended to speed up a transition away from oil, gas and coal. Buyers of electric vehicles would also benefit, receiving up to $12,500 in tax credits — depending on what portion of the vehicle parts were made in America.

    The rest would be distributed among a mix of programs, including money to construct charging stations for electric vehicles and update the electric grid to make it more conducive to transmitting wind and solar power, and money to promote climate-friendly farming and forestry programs.

    The plan would still fall short of the ambitious pledge Mr. Biden has made to halve the country’s greenhouse gases, from 2005 levels, by the end of this decade. Scientists say that nations must quickly and deeply cut emissions from burning oil, gas and coal to avert the most harrowing impacts of climate change.’

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    This is only a test.
    This is only a test.

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