CNBC on Chicago’s Climate Vulnerability

October 26, 2021

Diana Olick at CNBC continues her terrific reporting on economic and infrastructure impacts of climate change, this time in the Second City.

Room Rating note: in her wrap up explanation, Diana tastefully displays Jeff Goodell’s “The Water Will Come” on her bookshelf, which recounts, among other things, Jeff’s experience with Dark Snow Project in Greenland.

One Response to “CNBC on Chicago’s Climate Vulnerability”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Besides The Water Will Come, I noticed a Michael Lewis book (they’re all good) and the book The Geography of Risk about the problematic development on coasts and barrier islands—I think I first learned about it here from DOG. (Right now that book is the only thing on my kitchen table; it was something my sister and I talked about when she visited.)

    She also has Parag Khanna’s Oct 2021 book Move about human migration, which looks interesting:

    Chris Funk’s Drought, Flood, Fire: How Climate Change Contributes to Catastrophes (Aug 2021) is there, too:

    She’s showing her bona fides, or at least knows what people should be reading.

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