Reliable Wind and Solar to the Rescue as Coal Falters in India

October 15, 2021

Conservative media is hoping to frame the Eurasian energy crunch as a problem of renewables. It is specifically not so.


Coal India Ltd., the world’s top miner of the fuel, has temporarily stopped supplies to industrial users as the nation’s energy crisis escalates.

The move to prioritize supplies to power plants is aimed at helping boost depleted inventories that are putting continued operations at risk. But it could worsen the situation for other industries such as aluminum smelters, cement producers and steel mills, leaving them with a difficult choice of looking for costlier options or slashing production.

ndustrial activity from China to Europe is taking a beating as fuel prices soar and governments curtail power to large users to prioritize supplies for homes. In India, an economic recovery has sent demand for electricity soaring just as the supply of coal slumps.  

DT Next:

Normally, the peak wind power generation season ends by mid-September, but the delayed SW monsoon withdrawal has come as a blessing in disguise for the Tangedco with windmills along with solar plants supplying nearly 30 per cent of the state’s daily power requirement.

Dr S Balachandran, deputy director-general of Meteorology, Regional Meteorological Centre, said that South West monsoon withdrawal has been taking place. “We are expecting withdrawal of the monsoon by October 15 to 18 in the state,” he said.
Indian Wind Power Association Chairman Prof Dr K Kasthurirangaian said that after a slump in the generation in the first week of October, the wind power generation has picked up. “We are getting good southwesterly winds this month too. Even last year, we got good winds during October and it helped in better generation,” he said.
An expert in the wind power sector said, “Any delay in the SW monsoon withdrawal will help boost wind generation.” Tantransco officials said that wind power generation has helped the state manage the coal shortage crisis better.
“All the private thermal power stations supplying to Tangedco are dependent on the imported coal. With the cost of the imported coal going up and the coal shortage, the private plants are not able to supply power to meet our demand. Coastal Energen and IL&FS thermal plants in the state are under shutdown,” the official said.

One Response to “Reliable Wind and Solar to the Rescue as Coal Falters in India”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I don’t see that the unexpected support from wind power is a sign of it being “more reliable”, just that they’ve had to rely on it more. Conversely, Europe got an energy supply hit when winds were lower than normal.

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