Following Fox’s Info Fails

September 28, 2021

Above, I showed in the first 2 minutes of this video the chasm between Tucker Carlson’s Fox universe and The Universe.

Bill Grueskin of Columbia Journalism School has a hobby. He looks critically at Fox New’s visuals to reveal a spectacular combination of mendacity and stupidity.

Bill Grueskin on Twitter:

I have so many of my own favorites..

One Response to “Following Fox’s Info Fails”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    The manipulation is astounding. And yet not surprising in any way.
    I do wish there were more context & commentary with them so we could judge the intent & effects more accurately.

    A couple things are worth pointing out.

    I especially wish we could see how long the top tax rate chart was shown on screen. I’m guessing they were hoping for their viewers’ usual willing suspension of disbelief plus lack of comprehension plus the sleeper effect. Normally that’s when statements from low-credible sources come to be believed more later, when people forget who said it, while information from highly credible sources is believed less later for the same reason. The tax graphic is simple & stark, and reversed from the normal time scale (reading left to right as time passes) so it will likely spread the belief among Fox’s casual or “non-thoughtful” volunteer victims, especially over time, that the top tax rate has gone up. They’re counting on people who don’t see, don’t notice, fail to absorb, fail to understand, and/or especially forget the details (words, labels, facts…).

    It took me a while to get past obscenities in reaction to the graphic S&P graphic; again, more context would reveal just how ultraschadenfreudic and triumphant the presentation of this despicable sentiment was on the air. It does seem to sum up the sadistic psychopathic essence of the US right wing, and anyone who doesn’t understand or refuses to respond realistically to that—like the oligarchic Democrats—invites fascism & destruction. Throughout all of human history there has never been a more thoroughly evil cabal than today’s US Republicans. Unless we respond appropriately to that reality Jason Box’s Arctic summation from a few years ago says it all.

    But I do thank you for the chance to put up one of my favorite graphics too, degunking the utterly absurd FGSG, the Fox German Solar Gambit. Pretty colors, also simple & stark. But this one’s true, and behind? along with? the simplicity, has lots of extraneous information if you want it…
    (If anyone has a version that shows Portugal please let me know.)

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