NBC Report on Off Shore Wind

September 27, 2021

Ok, good effort, but they’re called “Blades”, not “propellers”.

4 Responses to “NBC Report on Off Shore Wind”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    I feel like I’m watching a film from 1958, when Bell Labs was making Unchained Goddess, using cartoon merry-go-rounds to illustrate the Coriolis effect.

    Good effort then, now pathetically outdated, weak, and with an insultingly patronizing tone. “Man” hasn’t harnessed anything; people have. Offshore wind turbines are about as novel as cell phones; global capacity is now over 35 GW. USers are such morons.

    PS I had a high school teacher who was amazed and impressed when his kids told him they were watching “News and Review”; until he found out they were really saying “New Zoo Review”, a different thing entirely. I feel like that all the time, only with adults.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      Well, the video isn’t targeted at people like us, but to people who thrive on celebrity gossip, cooking shows and Reality TV.

      • J4Zonian Says:

        Yes, I get that; I’m bemoaning the fact that even after 40 years of scientific awareness and increasing obviosity of destruction, so many people in the US have been so egregiously diseducated in school and home and then misled by the lunatic right wing that they are still at that level. So it seems we have 3 choices: revolution, secession (of the coasts and cities) or 40 years more of trying to convince them against the pressure of the phenomenally wealthy and organized right wing.

        • “…. increasing obviosity of destruction….”

          Again, your type cares about environmental destruction only in the narrow context of climate, never the obvious blight of wind projects TODAY. This cartoon sums up your attitude toward Earth’s scenery, bearing in mind that some want 10X the turbines already covering the world: https://www.wind-watch.org/alerts/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/l24wind-farm-promoter-game-over.gif

          I checked other forums to see if your smugness comes from being directly involved in the wind industry (unclear), but it is clear that you’re a leftist of the same ilk that might say things like “defund the police.” Leftists tend to pick bogeymen and ignore all other factors. In this case it’s fossil fuels, and you’re in denial of how embedded they are in Big Wind. You simply lie your way out of that connection, e.g. fracked gas for wind backup.

          Your duck & dodge + insults tactics with “Dr. Ed” in this forum show the same lack of comprehensive thinking I’ve found here. He repeatedly points out that the wind fails, and you repeatedly change the subject to unproved techno-fixes (serious energy density requires a lot of heat and batteries hit a wall).


          If I don’t reply to this, it’s because you’re a broken record in defense of massive industrial sprawl, claiming you have a right to force others to look at and hear it. You’re “saving the world” from “fossil fascism” and every critic of wind power must be a “climate denier” just like anyone who notes blacks’ crime problem must be a “racist.” It’s the same shallow sloganeering of the pot, earrings & ponytails crowd. I didn’t mind hippies until social justice was forced into environmentalism.

          FYI, I live near enough to Portland to see the grim crime impacts of leftist mind rot. Disfiguring nature is also a crime, not just buildings. If someone tried to put wind turbines on Powell Butte they’d have a hypocritical fit, but they’re OK getting a “clean energy” power bill by trashing scenery many miles east on the Columbia. Wind pushers failed to wreck nearly pristine Steens Mountain and send the power to California, but they keep trying. Good work so far, ONDA!

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