Katharine Hayhoe on Climate Communication with Uncle Ernie

September 23, 2021

Everyone’s got an Uncle Ernie.
Katharine Hayhoe’s luminous personality shines thru here – we need 10 thousand more like her.

5 Responses to “Katharine Hayhoe on Climate Communication with Uncle Ernie”

  1. Mark Mev Says:

    I do not advise anyone to really watch this, especially if there are any easily broken items nearby. A hack of a denialist’s take on that episode:

    • neilrieck Says:

      Obviously a post from Uncle Ernie

    • J4Zonian Says:

      The nonsense Steve Tony Heller Goddard Smithjones Patel Rabinowitz spreads—whatever his real name is—effectively (and wittily) debunked by potholer54. Four times. Here’s #1:

      And here’s where to find the other 3:


      Potholer shows how to debunk anti-science by doing it with complete transparency about sources; Heller/Goddard cherry picks & then lies, repeatedly, without revealing all his sources.

      If you want to pierce the paywall and see all the actual studies, get thee to a library. A librarian can set you up with the various data bases that allow you to read studies. They, or a college, university, (or even high school?) librarian may even tell you the code so you can access them at home—or at baseball games & movies.

      Climate denying delayalists, evolution deniers, ARFs (anti-renewable fanatics) & other liars often want to debate live, as Tony Steve Heller Goddard does. That’s so they can use (among other tactics) the Gish gallop (named after Duane Gish, infamous creationist evolution denier) in which they spew lie after lie after lie, all of which need to be debunked in detail using facts & science. That’s too much work for the average reader (let alone the average, barely literate, person) to even read, let alone do, so the science-based go on using facts to convince a select few while deniers use bullshit to convince the vast majority.

      Of course the deniers want to debate IRT, where they can’t be adequately fact-checked. (A good example happens in the 4th potholer-Heller thing, at 8:42.) That turns every disagreement into a he-said, he-said, a mere difference of opinion. It muddies reality & causes doubt & confusion, destroying the will to act on climate catastrophe, eg. I call them denying delayalists because while denial of some part of reality & science is their main tactic, the strategy is to delay, by any means possible—legal, illegal, moral, immoral… Those of us not taken in by the bullshit need to use whatever peaceful means are necessary to make sure society acts strongly in effective ways to prevent cataclysm.

      Here’s what Tony Steve is like:

      When it comes to climate & US politics, if there’s a fact out there he hasn’t denied, just wait; he’ll get to it. If there’s a conspiracy theory, he’s helped spread it it; if there’s a nutcase theory about something, he believes it. Birther, stop the steal fool, supporter of the insurrection, you name it, he’s in on it. I don’t know where his funding comes from, but I’m guessing it’s from some of the scores of right wing alphabet organizations whose purpose is to promulgate right wing economics & ideology but who are doing it by spreading science denial.

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