For Science Deniers, it’s Not About Facts

September 12, 2021

Short twitter thread lead Katharine Hayhoe to re-up one of her classic Global Weirding videos – explaining the crosslinks between emotional defensiveness and science denial.

4 Responses to “For Science Deniers, it’s Not About Facts”

  1. Keith Omelvena Says:

    I have some close friends who are Baptists. A few years ago they changed from being on board with AGW. I understand some book was passed around the congregation and now its “the climates always changed”. I was battling a denier a few weeks ago and David Bellamy was mentioned as a dissenting expert. I already knew he had made a fool of himself by backing the alternative reality crowd, but what I did dig up, was the fact he was a devout Baptist. The dots line up. Seems this church and its followers have officially disappeared down the rat hole!

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