CBS, ABC on New York’s “Supercharged” Storm

September 2, 2021

Both reports, notably, finally, attributing the extremes to climate change. CBS spoke with regular climate/weather expert Jeff Berardelli, and ABC brought in Daniel Swain of UCLA.

5 Responses to “CBS, ABC on New York’s “Supercharged” Storm”

  1. redskylite Says:

    Watching the sad videos of turbulent flood waters from New York and New Jersey, highlights yet again how unprepared we are for what is becoming increasingly common. Similar events to what we saw in recently in China, and also in Spain and New Zealand.

    Hopefully we can learn, put denial aside and prepare our infrastructure for the next round of extremes from variability, boosted by the warming that the NASA, NOAA monthly statistics clearly show us.

    What is wealth and capital for if not to preserve the well being of humanity.

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