How Climate Change Strengthened the Taliban

August 26, 2021

5 Responses to “How Climate Change Strengthened the Taliban”

  1. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Video not available here. CAGW will strengthen just about every terrorist and nut job group on the planet!

  2. John Kane Says:

    If I get that right, if the kleptocracy in Kabul did not help, a lot of farmers accepted the Taliban’s help?


  3. J4Zonian Says:

    Taking advantage of ecological and social collapse to spread hatred, distrust, conspiracy theories… So are the Taliban the Afghan Republicans, or are Republicans the US Taliban?

    • J4Zonian Says:

      Video, 5:15
      Where else has climate catastrophe contributed to social unrest?
      Oh come on.

      Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Uganda, Chad, Sudan, S. Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Congo, DROT Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Afghanistan, Pakistan, (in fact, all the 7 stans) India, Bangladesh, Burma, China, Georgia, both Koreas, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Norway, Swede, Belarus, Ukraine, Spain and Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, every island nation in the world, every country in the Tropic of Chaos, every country in North, Central, and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia…

      Where has it not contributed to ecological collapse and thus social unrest?

      The US occurs above all; the prophylactic grab for more power by the right and the turning to authoritarian madmen for protection in crises are nearly universal and nearly the most counterproductive action humans engage in.

      It is no surprise at all that people in corporate media never come remotely close to saying any of this.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Since the Talinan types have been around in Afghanistan for centuries, IMO we’d have to call the Republicans the US Taliban—–copycats!

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