Jennifer Granholm: “This is a Transition”

July 8, 2021

Energy Secretary pushes back on troglodyte Econ analyst from CNBC.

3 Responses to “Jennifer Granholm: “This is a Transition””

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    Head in hands

    Again with the blame-China-and-India crap. I’ve answered this before,

    but would like to add that the US pursued anti clean safe renewable energy cases against both countries under trade agreements, slowing down their energy transformation. You can stop someone from doing something or you can blast them constantly for not doing it but it’s despicable to do both. It’s a far too common tactic of the fossil-fueled right wing now.

    Whether it’s nature, people of color, women, another Other, or all of the above, the oligarchic duopoly’s need for enemies will lead us all to catastrophe.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      The interviewer has to ask questions that the viewers have been taught by the fossil fuel companies ask. “Why should the US go it alone?”

      I saw no blaming on Granholm’s part. She said we will do it, and we have to get them on board, too.

      China seems to want to address AGW at the top Party level, but there’s also a lot of pressure for them to allow local provinces to make their own decisions. They seem very confused, policy-wise.

      Here’s hoping India has a backlash against their self-destructive nationalism under Modi, whose thoughtless politicking aggravated their COVID problem, and get back to more balanced and practical approaches to modern problems.

      • J4Zonian Says:

        I’m completely with you on wishes for India, but while the policies of China, US, Australia and most of the rest of the world are heading us toward 4 or 5° at least, India’s are leading us toward 2°. I recently read they are now either investing more in RE than coal or building more RE or both. (can’t find the reference).

        If followed by all, the policies of the US, China, Russia, Canada, Australia would lead to 4-5°C rise

        If there was any blaming, the interviewer was doing it (and being a duck). His point about the DID (the miltuple personalities of Biden et al claiming and doing 6 mutually impossible things before breakfast) Both of them were billshutting. The analyst was pushing a buzzarre mux of reality and Republicality, and Granholm responded with an aggressive shutdown of all talk of climate reality. “NOT FLY!!???” Sputter, sputter “That’s treason against the Overlords!”

        What a tool.

        I think the best interviews are those with unexpected questions, different directions, and unique perspectives and insight. “Tell us what China’s been doing to avoid climate Ragnarok.” Then she either has to respond with the standard duopoly saber rattling blame-China billshut, or answer honestly and break that spell. (Which she as a good soldier is never ever going to do.) Then he could follow up, showing he’s read my answer to Mr. Kennedy of Lousyana (linked to above), and asking if she knew each thing in the list. Either way she answers it’s a win for him, putting her at a disadvantage…and so on.

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