Can You Trust a Weather Report from Fox News?

July 7, 2021

Answer is of course, no, and those meteorologists who are looking for a job in this new Fox-run weather service should do a gut-check and review their life choices.

5 Responses to “Can You Trust a Weather Report from Fox News?”

  1. Don Osborn Says:

    Rupert and Fox, truly the modern face of evil!!

  2. jimbills Says:

    Saw this:
    Fox News: Weather Channel will ‘double down’ on climate change: ‘Years ago, our audience didn’t want to hear about it’.

    They are saying they they won’t be denying it outright. Instead, they’ll focus on positive solutions, avoid ‘sensationalist’ stories, and try not to alienate its conservative viewers. Their millennial audience, though, wants to hear about it, so they’ll be walking a tightrope on that.

    In the end, though, it will just be more spin – taking what should be objectively reported and putting a narrative on it they want the public to believe.

  3. J4Zonian Says:

    It’s great that people have a place to go where they can be comforted by having their biases confirmed. Inaccurate weather reporting is a small price to pay. In fact I can see possibilities for expansion of the faux brand.

    The Faux Medical Advice Channel: Refusing to discuss stem cell treatments and abortion (of course) while steering rich people toward expensive treatments and poor people toward prayer. And bleach.

    The Faux Construction Channel, including kow-towing to every nutcase right wing conspiracy theory. So who knows how they’ll be building things? Without comminist (aka union) steel, maybe, or only using below-minimum illegal people, (Sure we hate that they’re here, but as long as they are, why not ruthlessly exploit them, not pay them and then get ‘em deported? It’ll bring wages down, give us back the slave economy we love so much, and boost oligarchic profits.) Plus we get to redline, and use bleach in the concrete to protect against COVID, AIDS, and baldness.

    That’s just a start; there are any number of industries crying out for a dose of right wing extremism. The Mass Incarcerated Minority Gladiator Combat-to-the-Death Channel. The Poor Minority Celibacy Club Channel. The Fascism Channel.

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