Restoring Forests with Furry Engineers

July 5, 2021

Joined a twitter thread yesterday after Journalist Lucy Sheriff brought up the topic of Beavers as landscape healing engineers, and included an amazing photo of Beaver hydrological architecture in a desert landscape.

She notes: “This is beaver land in Dixie Creek, Nevada in JULY”

Which was quickly followed by another from Joe Wheaton at Utah State, showing a site in Idaho, not just a desert, but burned over in a recent fire – except for the Beaver protected landscape.

All of which lead me to review my interview with Emily Fairfax, above. Dr Fairfax is now a professor at Cal State Channel Islands.
Her playful stop-motion video below is a quick illustration for how all this works. There’s obviously a trove of possibilities here, and perhaps the disastrous fire season we are now just beginning will awaken a sense that we need more than just human engineers on the job.

One Response to “Restoring Forests with Furry Engineers”

  1. Beavers are Furry Engineers and they restore the forests. Outstanding! Thank you 😊

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