Alt Meat Competing with Beef on Price

July 3, 2021

One Response to “Alt Meat Competing with Beef on Price”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    My first thought on seeing the headline was

    “I wonder if it’s like wind and solar, where it’s somewhat competitive when the price of new fake meat equals the price of new real meat, but it will only really take off when the price of new fake meat is competitive with old real meat? And when the price of new fake meat plus storage equals the price of old meat, well, the takeover will just happen in a flash. And then you might ask “a flash in a pan?””

    And for reasons I won’t try to understand, let alone explain, that took me back to a Grist headline “The US Is Experiencing A Surplus Of Uneaten Cheese”, whereupon someone thought to ask in the comments if it were really necessary to specify, because who exactly would think to themselves, when reading about a cheese surplus, “Hm, I wonder if that is eaten or uneaten cheese?”

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