Locked Jet Stream Spreads Extremes Across North America

June 26, 2021

My colleague Jeff Berardelli points out that the same jet stream block that is holding heat in the northwest is also locking rain patterns in across the midwest.

Regular viewers/readers know that this kind of stubborn pattern is something many scientists have attributed to climate warming – more research needed.

Detroit News:

A flood advisory for parts of southeast Michigan has expired but additional rainfall is expected through the weekend, adding to totals topping several inches, the National Weather Service said Friday evening.

“It’s going to be pretty persistent into next week,” meteorologist Trent Frey told The Detroit News.

Downpours moving east had mostly pushed out of the region by 10 p.m. but the weather service predicts more showers and thunderstorms after 3 a.m. as temperatures hover near 70.

Weather Underground map shows heat and flood conditions across the US

My video from 2019 describes exactly the kind of forces that resulted in massive flooding that year, and that are behind the current North American jet stream set-up.

Metro Detroit freeway, June 26, 2021

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