Heatwave Bears Down as Drought Bores in

June 25, 2021

Climate twitter is doom posting on an onrushing climate-fueled freight train of a heat wave.

One Response to “Heatwave Bears Down as Drought Bores in”

  1. redskylite Says:

    As, under climate change, droughts become commonplace in some regions that were traditionally well-endowed with rain and water resource, does Tel Aviv University offer some hope of future relief.
    “Care for A Glass of Tel Aviv Air?

    The constantly growing global shortage of clean drinking water requires thinking outside the box – and developing new technologies for producing potable water. The Earth’s atmosphere is a vast and renewable source of water, which may be an alternative drinking water resource. Our atmosphere contains billions of tons of water, 98% of which is in a gaseous state – that is, water vapor.”


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