The Value of Local Clean Power

June 24, 2021

Marty Lagina may look familiar if you follow his History Channel series “The Curse of Oak Island” – but Marty made his fortune in oil and gas before becoming a wind and solar developer well known in his home state of Michigan.

Looking over interviews from 2018, his stands out for significant, hard won insights.

One of the quintessential big government nightmares for landowners is Eminent domain, the power of big government to take your land for a larger public good, as they define it.
But anti-clean energy campaigners have developed a tactic of using small government – at the most local of local levels, township boards and planning commissions – to effectively seize land use rights through ordinance defined “setbacks” to clean energy, solar or wind, development.
Above, Lagina discusses the dilemma for farmers.

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