AOC, Seth Moulton: Can America Do High Speed Rail?

June 23, 2021

4 Responses to “AOC, Seth Moulton: Can America Do High Speed Rail?”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    Ineptness as cover for evil

    When are people going to get it, that “bipartisanship” is just one more excuse for Democrats to not do things they and their donors don’t want even though their voters do? “Bipartisanship” uses both wings of the single US Party to not do things, ie, it provides an excuse to not pass the infrastructure bill we need to avoid climate catastrophe while giving an opening for massive privatization in the slid-in-sideways “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. They supposedly can’t get the bill we need (as well as the Green New Deal, universal health care, etc.) because the Democrats don’t have the votes in Congress, but they don’t have the votes because they refuse to embrace the positions large majorities of the citizenry want, refuse to ditch the filibuster, refuse to pack the court(s), refuse to further statehood for DC, PR, G, AS, NMI, MA, PA, BI, USVI, etc.

    And they refuse to admit
    1. that Republicans are ruthless psychopaths;
    2. the only differences between the 2 halves of the party are:
    a. the segments of the population they capture for the oligarchy with their lies,
    b. the lies they tell to capture them, and
    c. the speed at which they’re pushing us toward fascism.

    All those are about it being one Party, not two, and about both halves of it being in the service of the Wetiko-infected oligarchy. A further way to obscure that and provide another check on the desires of the people is to keep both houses of congress split as evenly as possible when the Democrats rule it, and to keep it as dominated by Republicans as possible when they do (at least until the Party has destroyed all institutions of popular will and democracy and they can rule openly as fascists.)

    The Lesser Evil Gambit of presidential elections serves the same function for the third house, and the filibuster, which neither half will give up, is another check on popular democracy and even slightly leftish rule. Yet another excuse for not doing all the things they claim they want but really don’t and never will.

    Knots by R. D. Laing charts the pretzel logic of human relationships in a long series of short prose poems. We need an equivalent for our climate politics.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      With its super-slim majority in the US Senate (50 senators + VP tiebreaker), they need every single senator to vote to override the wholly intransigent Republicans. All it takes is “Democrat” Manchin of West Virginia or Wacko Sinema of Arizona to get a bug up their butts to stop anything. Manchin can only be bought off with lots of sweets for his very red electorate, and Sinema is strategically naive and a tactical idiot.

      [BTW, one does not say “pack the court”, one says “expand the court to better reflect the large and varied* population of the U-nited States of Amurrkah”.)

      *Stay away from the heavily maligned word “diversity” or “diverse”.

      • J4Zonian Says:

        “wholly intransigent Republicans”
        “one does not say “pack the court””
        “Stay away from the heavily maligned word “diversity” or “diverse”.”

        The first realization is wholly at odds with the 2 pieces of advice. One frames things that way to appeal to the right, but the right is “wholly intransigent” and that includes the Democratic leadership, which lies, cheats, and steals elections to protect imperial malignant narcissistic capitalism and twists every bill into a deepening of the whole they’re digging for all of us, into hell.

        The Democrats are in this situation because they’re aligned with the intransigent Republicans in being run by and operating wholly in service to the oligarchy. We consider the situation a mess at best because it worsens or ignores the reality of every crisis we face—inequality and social breakdown leading to fascism, the genocide we’ve entered the curvy part of the exponential curve of, and above all, climate catastrophe and the larger psycho-ecological crisis, which will destroy civilization and most life on Earth in the next century if not turned around in the next 9 years. They consider it mission accomplished.

        They’ve snowed most people, even people here, into thinking they’re doing something about infrastructure, while what they’re really doing is cementing the hold of the oligarchy on the US by privatizing. The voting rights bill turns out to cement the hold of the oligarchic duopoly party by making it even harder for other parties to compete (just in case the insurgence from masses of people negated the fact that it was already almost impossible.) The half billion bucks to police is a kick in the crotch to everyone who knows that if we want democracy, we have to drastically reduce the funding and militarization of the police and absolutely guarantee the right to free speech (not to armed insurrection, which is different). With this bribery, and arming of the oligarchy’s own armed insurrection, the duopoly is secure against the next inevitable round of angry but peaceful crowds demanding justice, climate action, higher taxes on corporations and the rich, health care, education, safety.

        The mission is always to justify the lower chamber’s existence (by which I mean the Democrats) and provide a never ending list of excuses why they can’t give people what they want and need, or prevent global civilization from ending. Mission accomplished. They can’t get rid of Manchin, supposedly because a Republican would win there, though if they embraced a progressive agenda a progressive would. They can’t vote in anything worthwhile because Manchin prevents it. They can’t get rid of Manchin… and around and around.

        Can’t get rid of the filibuster because when they lose (and they know they will because they refuse to embrace a progressive agenda, which the vast majority of people in the US want) they say they’ll need it to rein in the lunatic far right they’ve aided by framing everything in reactionary terms, reinforcing those ideas (if they can be called ideas and not just being victim to primitive impulses). Of course the filibuster obviously doesn’t work to rein in the empowered right, because everything the Democrats do empowers the right and moves the country further toward fascism. (The Lesser Evil gambit, eg, which continually makes both oligarchic potus candidates righter, worser, and eviler.)

        Can’t pack the court because that would degrade “bipartisanship”, a cover story for empire, oligarchic rule, racism, and domination of [sic] man and nature by moving us ever closer to iron fascism. Mission accomplished.

        Including the rightward drive toward utter destruction, nothing will fundamentally change.

        OTOH, if your comment was meant sarcastically I approve.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    High speed rail the way these folks outline it is not going to be “high speed”—-not if it stops in every Whistle Stop to pick up conmuters.

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