Aussie Lawmaker Parodies PM Morrison’s “This is Coal” Moment

June 17, 2021

Current Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison had a viral moment in 2017, when, in the midst of a climate-fueled heat wave, the then-Treasurer held up a lump of coal in parliament to ridicule (he thought) his science-literate colleagues.


There is no way you can write the sentence, “The treasurer of Australia, Scott Morrison, came to question time with a lump of coal on Thursday,” and have that sentence seem anything other than the ravings of a psychedelic trip, so let’s just say it and be done with it.

Scott Morrison brought coal into the House of Representatives. A nice big hunk of black coal, kindly supplied by the Minerals Council of Australia.

“This is coal,” the treasurer said triumphantly, brandishing the trophy as if he’d just stumbled across an exotic species previously thought to be extinct.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said, soothingly, “don’t be scared.”

No one was afraid, or scared. People were just confused. What was this fresh idiocy?

Journalists sitting above the fray blinked, as if this might have been a mirage. I’m still not entirely convinced it wasn’t: a cabinet minister – the treasurer, no less – with a lump of coal, in the people’s house in 2017.

The coal was passed from hand to hand, or some hands, anyway. Some pointedly declined to touch the lump, which, to be frank, didn’t look that appealing.

Now, another member has taken a creative opportunity to parody the now-Prime Minister Morrison’s moment.

Renew Economy:

Federal Labor spokesperson for climate change and energy, Chris Bowen, has channelled prime minister Scott Morrison’s ‘lump of coal’ moment, brandishing a solar panel in parliament and telling the federal Coalition government it should not be afraid of renewable energy.

“I have a message for this government, this is renewable energy, don’t be afraid,” Bowen told parliament while holding the solar panel. “Don’t run away from it.”

“Those opposite have an ideological pathological fear of renewable energy. There’s no word for renewable energy-phobia officially, but that’s the malady that effects those opposite.”

“That’s the malady afflicting the jobs in the towns and industries indeed in his country because of a pathological ideological opposition to renewable energy being an important part of our sustainable and more certain energy future.”

I interviewed Aussie “Genius Award” winner Saul Griffith at length not long ago, and he described Australia’a potential to become a clean energy superpower.

A year ago, I used the Morrison clip in my vid describing that year’s catastrophic fire season down under.

2 Responses to “Aussie Lawmaker Parodies PM Morrison’s “This is Coal” Moment”

  1. mboli Says:

    Brilliant brief parody of Morrison’s rant!

  2. al mar Says:

    Remember when Senator Jim Inhoffe claimed to have disproved climate change by bringing a snowball to the Senate floor?

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