Pipeline is a Flashpoint, and a Sputnik Moment

May 11, 2021

Biden will address Putin with malware hacking concerns. No evidence of direct Russian involvement but…

Below, energy experts express grave concerns about the hacking, and what it means for the energy grid.

Below, expert calls this a “sputnik moment”.

One Response to “Pipeline is a Flashpoint, and a Sputnik Moment”

  1. doldrom Says:

    Sputnik moment? A lot of speculation, geopolitical vistas, and what not.

    It’s simple. Colonial, and other utilities, have no business implementing critical control functions over the internet. They have a right of way. They should have a separate network for all critical hardware, with hardened PC’s to operate it (no USB drives or external connections), and applicable protocols.

    Any utility that operates like this, whether it’s sewers, water, electricity, or whatever, is asking for it.

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