Ford to Announce Electric Pickup

May 10, 2021

Replacing the F-150.

One Response to “Ford to Announce Electric Pickup”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    Completely predictable curve. They ignore it, then they deny it exists, then they deny it’s better, then act like they invented it. They’re lying assholes, but at least it’s progress of a sorts. Instead of settling for what they want, why not insist on what we want. The curve will be the same, but at the end we’ll have what we want (and need) instead of a slightly different version of what was.

    Washington state has done a lot of what we need, and while it seems to have given away a lot to roads and cars, David Roberts thinks it’s made it impossible for roads and cars to use any of the giveaways.

    Instead of refusing to ask for what we need and always settling for what’s destroying us, instead of more energy-wasting personality-disorder reinforcing private vehicles and time and money wasted on roads and ICEV infrastructure that will be stranded assets in 8 years, mostly we need very good very cheap or free efficient transit, including a national-international high speed rail network. We should insist on it now or it’s unlikely we’ll ever get it.

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