Kennedy’s “We Choose to go to the Moon” Speech is Resonant Again

April 28, 2021

Can we dare to dream big again in America?

Dare we not?
New video I’m working on will ponder these themes.
Meantime, really good graphic piece above from Business Insider.

3 Responses to “Kennedy’s “We Choose to go to the Moon” Speech is Resonant Again”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    IIRC, Kennedy funded the moon project by redirecting money away from the already funded “B70 bomber” project (but the wikipedia article disagrees with me; heck, somehow the B70 is now known as the XB70). The money stayed within the defense industry but the decision was seen as a betrayal by the hawks. IMHO you can use money to either create or destroy. The US annual defense budget sits at ~ 3/4 trillion and Biden has just given them a 2% increase even though the USA intends to pull out of Afghanistan by September. Two percent of 3/4 trillion is ~ 15 billion which is a little less than NASA’s current budget (~ 22 billion) so Biden is signalling that he will follow all the presidents since Kennedy (except Carter ?) that the American future will be one of destruction rather than creation. It was a sad day when the SCSC (super conducting super collider) was shut down but it was a victim of excess spending associated with STI ( )

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    When I was a child, space exploration fascinated me, even more than most. I read everything I could find about it including bunches of books, of course watched as much as I could of the trip and landing on TV…

    I’ve since become, let’s say, less enamored.

    Now, hearing yet again the rhetoric with which it was justified, in the context of constantly being exposed to imperial oligarchic duopoly bullshit justifying any number of different forms of malignant narcissistic domination and manipulation, and now knowing how to see through them, I realize what utter garbage both the moonshot and the words justifying it were and I wonder at the simpleminded, naive, gullible people that could have been inspired by such a crock.

    It reminds me of travel magazines talking about “here is a land of contrasts” as if there’s any place on Earth without them. 90% of the time it was to distract from talking about conflict—dictatorship, eg. (although the rosiness was mostly provided for the hyper-capitalist variety). Listen to the speech one sentence at a time and see if it really makes any sense. Has there ever in history or prehistory been any time without knowledge and ignorance? Without change and challenge? The vagueness makes it vapid.

    0:29-0:48—This is always going to be the condition of humanity. No matter what we think we know intellectually (and that “we” lumps every one of us with those who understand quantum mechanics as well as anyone did then or does now, and it assumes that knowledge is technical and cumulative rather than revolutionary, with each new major awareness negating much of what was “known” before, and with the many such revelations to come (if any “we” survives long enough to know that) making what we know today silly superstitious nonsense.

    “There is no conflict in outer space as yet” Of course not, we haven’t spread our disease-infested society out there yet. As soon as we do, there will be conflict (as there is now trash) unless we first give up the distractions and dissociations and heal the psychological affliction that drives civilization on into ever-bigger, more technological horrors.

    JFK’s very pointed non-answer answer to the “why” shows exactly the failing of the white male human supremacist ideology. It assumes that whatever it wants is what should be, and it’s made up a whole philosophical-economic-political-religious system to prove that to itself.

    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”
    ― Frédéric Bastiat

    And if that doesn’t work it just goes to Goebbels and Morano for a lesson, and repeats what it wants you to believe over and over and over until you do. “Because we want to” is an insanely arrogant and infantile reason to do anything, and it makes me even more sure, for example, that the US dropped atomic bombs on Japan (and all the other bombs, which caused 50 times more damage) largely out of rage, racism, and as a message to the Soviets. 250-900,000 were killed; more than a million may have been wounded.

    The speech shows JFK wallowing in defensively over-intellectualized (ie, anti-holistic (emotional, mind-body, internal wisdom…) sanctification.

    The moonshot was:

    To distract from problems of emptiness, lack of connection, and inequity felt even more keenly after the post-(violent)coital flush of victory-in-WWII faded, that our system of faux-participation capitalism and the deeper malignant egophrenia (aka Wetiko disease) behind it couldn’t touch (in fact, only made worse). The participation in our system is more like the mass scenes in “Triumph of the Will” than like a murmuration of starlings, a school of fish avoiding a barracuda, or a whole tree of leaves being moved by one wind;


    To prove to people in the US and the government of the USSR as well as the people of the world—who were little more than the objectified sandbox over which the US and USSR fought (now China)—that imperial capitalism could out-logistic imperial communism;

    Above all, to show by a brute force application of technical knowledge wielded like a chisel and sufficient money to make the biggest hammer imaginable that the Whitemenincharge could crack open anything, and dominate all of nature from the bottom of the Marianas Trench to beyond the farthest star we could see. Including the minds of humanity, whether by manipulation of industrial media through release of toxic lies, or release of toxic substances by industrial systems.
    Canute on the beach.

    So the moonshot, combined with the techniques of manipulation epitomized by Bernays, and the structure of the military industrial complex (and the interlocking agro-chemical, medical, disinfopropatainment, selectoral political, and other psycho-industrial complexes may now be so unassailable a model, defended in depth at every angle, against every “assault”, with most of the resources of society that the psychosis of the Western world, having eliminated all competitors, will only intensify and become more vicious and violent, brutal, sadistic, merciless, monstrous, savage, malevolent, vindictive, malignant, corrupt, degenerate, depraved, and corrosive, and ultimately propel us into utter destruction.

    A time of fear and hope?
    That the tendency of some to objectify, commodify, disconnect and dissociate makes them unreachable, and that because that psychopathy is so powerful a force, that it’s the last great pandemic that will end us, as bubonic and pneumonic and syphilitic and hemorrhagic and all the other plagues couldn’t.

    And to find wisdom from people like Carl Jung and Bill Mollison, a combination of science, intuition, and mystery.

    ”Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.
    Psychology of the Unconscious Carl Jung

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