In “a Sea Change” – Major Corporations Demand Aggressive Climate Goals

April 21, 2021

Lately, I’m finding some of the most vital and current news related to climate is in the business press, reflective of the seriousness that corporate leaders are now giving to climate concerns.

More than 400 major corporations, responding to demands by customers and employees,
as well as their own assessment of climate impacts on business – are
demanding aggressive climate action by the Biden Administration.
Biden plans to announce aggressive goals tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the administration calls for businesses to assess their exposure to climate risks and provide that to investors. There is a good deal of incentive for businesses to assess that risk internally, and many are doing so already.

Below, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen outlines new incentives for carbon free generation.

2 Responses to “In “a Sea Change” – Major Corporations Demand Aggressive Climate Goals”

  1. jimbills Says:

    I’ll just point out that this isn’t a success story of the free market, but a recognition by major corporations that our society can’t reduce emissions significantly without governmental intervention.

  2. J4Zonian Says:

    These corporations are not, as the title says, “demanding aggressive climate goals”. They’re demanding pointedly timid and inadequate climate goals along with insufficient means to meet those lousy goals. They see the direction being taken, with people who understand the problem demanding immediate declaration of an emergency, government mandates for clean safe renewable energy, including shipping, flying, and ag emissions for ever-faster reduction in emissions, etc. and the corporations have decided to push for and then greenwash the least worst option they can find that might slow the adoption of real climate solutions as much as possible.

    Of course everyone wants their minimalist action to be regarded as bold and radical (as long as it’s not actually either) so the oligarchic Democrats, corporations, and media all collaborate by ignoring as long as possible the huge gap between what’s needed and what’s being promised—let alone what actually happens. When they can no longer ignore it effectively, they lie.

    The story goes that the New Deal was allowed by the oligarchy because they were afraid of revolution if they didn’t allow it. (And because some were determined not to let it get out that they had engaged in an attempted overthrow of the US—the Wall Street Putsch or Business Plot, exposed by Smedley Butler). We’re not there yet, but need to recognize what’s going on and get on with solving our crises.

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