Ted Cruz: From Climate Denier to Anti-Mask Cultist

April 16, 2021

These days, Ted Cruz is the leader of the know-nothing anti-mask movement (throwing a tantrum in a Target near you..) – but he’s been the leading voice against science in the Senate for a long time.

Yahoo News:

Texas senator Ted Cruz has confirmed that he will no longer wear a maskwhile in the US Capitol, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to a CNN reporter on Thursday, Mr Cruz, 50, explained his decision by saying: “At this point I’ve been vaccinated. Everybody working in the Senate has been vaccinated.”

The senator then defended the practice by adding: “CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) has said in small groups, particularly with people who were vaccinated, don’t need to wear masks”.

CNN reported that after Mr Cruz made those remarks, he got into a small elevator with two aides, both of whom were wearing face masks.

I really enjoyed making these take-downs.

One Response to “Ted Cruz: From Climate Denier to Anti-Mask Cultist”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    That’s because politics is about lying while science is about telling the truth. When a politician is caught telling a lie they scream “fake news”. A scientist thinks twice about publishing a lie because “the scientific method” along with an experiment will soon reveal the truth. If the falsehood was published by mistake, a good scientist will not loose any credibility if he honors the system then publishes a retraction because that is how science works. On the other hand, if the scientist doubles-down then his/her scientific career will be soon over. Ted Cruz is the son of two scientists which makes me wonder if this is all political kabuki (but it is still evil)

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