Stupid Youtube Tricks: The Video They Don’t Want you to See

April 15, 2021

Ok, so the new video is out, and it’s about climate denial as one of the key and most important drivers of the disinformation ecosystem that we find ourselves in.

So, we used “QAnon” in the title, originally, and in the tags as well.
Which has apparently earned us a YouTube jail sentence.

So, you can’t watch it here, you’ll have to go on YouTube direct to watch it.

Anyhow, I hear it’s really good.

(I’ve appealed to the robot algorhythm Gods or whoever – we’ll see what happens, but this thing has been delayed long enough)

14 Responses to “Stupid Youtube Tricks: The Video They Don’t Want you to See”

  1. Russell Seitz Says:

    Cool video, but what of the climate op-ed we don’t want you to write?

    • redskylite Says:

      Oh please, deniers were using old newspaper articles for several decades now, even fabled old parchments from Eric the Red times to try and befuddle the populous.

      Al Gore isn’t particularly a major climate spokesman now – that was a few years ago, conciousness has moved on, way past the Al Gore days.

      NASA, NOAA, Copernicus, JMA, British Meteorological stats all show a gradual sustained persistent global temperature rise that could be analogous to a fever. So what point in harping on about an October 3, 1921 New York Times article about a short term anomaly – then trying to suggest an ageing politician got his ideas from it.

      Get real.

      • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

        I think vvattsupwiththat may be a spoof of wattsupwiththat.

        • redskylite Says:

          Well spotted RWG – I see Russell uses that befuddling blog-site in Judith Curry’s Climate etc blog a lot, not sure of his point or stance.

          • redskylite Says:

            also he uses his “vvattsupwiththatblog” in RealClimate’s comments – is he a 21st century Henry Root ?

  2. redskylite Says:

    The year is now 2021 and the industry organized denial campaigns have been well documented for several decades now so if anyone hasn’t heard about it, they must wear blinkers and earmuffs or be brain-dead. Still a excellent but late 47 minute video from Al Jazeera.


    “The Campaign Against the Climate: Debunking climate change denial

    The shocking exposure of a million-dollar, 30-year denial campaign that undermined science and cast doubt on the dangers of climate change.

    The deception started in 1988 – but even today, some of the oil industry’s so-called “green” work belies the fact that 95 percent of its investments in new energy still go into fossil fuel extraction, further stoking global warming.”

  3. Roger Walker Says:

    Sure, Peter, we know that. Unfortunately, we also know that hammering away at the facts doesn’t change attitudes or behaviors, however coherent the message. We desperately need to find way to stop the bastards repeatedly spewing out all this shit.

    I came across this in the Guardian the other day:

    “RonNell Andersen Jones, a law professor at the University of Utah, told the Washington Post: “We are seeing the way that libel has become a real battleground in the fight against disinformation.
    “The threat of massive damages for spreading probably false conspiracy theories on matters of public concern could turn out to be the one tool that is successful in disincentivising that behaviour, where so many other tools seem to have failed.”
    The defamation suits will provide another test of the judiciary as a pillar of American democracy. The courts’ independence proved robust regarding dozens of lawsuits by Trump and his allies seeking to overturn the election outcome.”

    The sums Dominion is suing for amount to billions of dollars. Can we not apply the same approach to fossil fuels? After all, they’ve been lying for half a century and their lies are tantamount to a massive crime against humanity.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      They have of course seen ahead to this eventuality (and the constant attempts to constrain the oligarchy’s right to manipulate and eliminate their vassals through other toxic and psychoactive toxic substances). And every other eventuality. The courts are now largely right wing, almost none are progressive, and not just the Supremes. Good luck with trying to change the oligarchy through lawsuits. The Republicans are insane, the corporate gray Democrats are collaborators. Our only hope is a massive peaceful revolution.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      liability challenges against fossil fuel players continue to be filed.
      Tobacco is a precedent, but current makeup of the Supreme Court is daunting.

  4. redskylite Says:

    “Climate scientists: concept of net zero is a dangerous trap”

    “We have arrived at the painful realisation that the idea of net zero has licensed a recklessly cavalier “burn now, pay later” approach which has seen carbon emissions continue to soar. It has also hastened the destruction of the natural world by increasing deforestation today, and greatly increases the risk of further devastation in the future.

    To understand how this has happened, how humanity has gambled its civilisation on no more than promises of future solutions, we must return to the late 1980s, when climate change broke out onto the international stage.”

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