Infrastructure Imperative: Plug Orphaned Frack Wells

April 3, 2021

Following the work of FracTrackers as part of a new project.

The “orphaned” frack well opening above is one of hundreds of thousands around the country, as poorly capitalized wildcat fracking operations go bankrupt and disappear without properly closing their well pads.

The infrastructure plan currently proposed has funding to hire Oil/gas workers, thousands of whom are now idle, to use their skills closing off these toxic, methane leaking hazards. We should do it.


3 Responses to “Infrastructure Imperative: Plug Orphaned Frack Wells”

  1. Mark Mev Says:

    A got a recent YouTube comment from a person “However, why do the wells need to be plugged? They aren’t leaking oil, they aren’t a risk. “.

    • Frank Price Says:

      Even oil wells can vent methane & other gases. I remember walking thru a forest in northern PA & smelled petroleum. Following my nose, I came to an old rusting pump house that looked to have been steam powered, with rocker bars leading out to a number of old wells.

      Also, remember that gas wells present the same problems & you can’t see the pollution. There’s also the fact that gas can migrate from even operating wells. There have been a number of explosions in houses that were build near old & even operating gas wells.

    • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

      A lot of creatures, small mammals, lizards and even birds fall down them, and die.

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