Granholm on Infrastructure, the Grid, and NIMBY s

April 1, 2021

6 Responses to “Granholm on Infrastructure, the Grid, and NIMBY s”

  1. jmmirsky Says:

    It’s great to hear from Granholm that the Department of Energy is using Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to streamline governmental bureaucracy, both internally and across entities! Let’s hope the Department is successful in quickly implementing the actions VSM identifies to eliminate waste and reduce lead-times. We have no time to lose!

  2. ecoquant Says:

    Critical even somewhat hostile interviewer. I don’t know what the WSJ claimed, but the interviewer either got that wrong or the WSJ was wrong. Specifically, total cost of ownership of EVs is already lower than that of comparable ICE vehicles. Often, though, people think about out-of-pocket costs.

    On the other hand, big SUVs and trucks aren’t cheap, and the upselling of the market to buy those may need to be countered. A lot of people who have a truck don’t need a truck. I only mention that because when people say that EVs are so expensive, they certainly are in the same price range as these trucks.

    The parries by Granhold were good.

    The problem of NIMBYism is pretty serious, certainly in the Northeast.

    Oh, by the way, the interviewer also got wrong the Quebec Hydro transmission line. It was blocked in New Hampshire, but it’s being built in Maine. There is political opposition to it, but the matter will be decided by the courts, not the politics.

    I actually don’t have a lot of support for building those transmission lines. They exist because people in Massachusetts don’t want to “despoil” their landscape to generate zero Carbon energy locally. So, instead, they’re implicitly supporting cutting swaths through Maine woods.

  3. There will always be Nimby’s. Ask them for solar energy large scale and they say NIMBY. Ask them for huge windmills and they say NIMBY. Ask them for anything in their backyard, e.g. a nuclear powerplant and they say NIMBY. Some people have an romantic view about the country site that was never realistic or real.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      NIMBY is often prompted by Not Affecting My Property Values.

      It’s little sacrifice to me to be a YIMBY, because my house isn’t as big a part of my net worth, but some people stretched to move into this neighborhood (no schmancy homes, just expensive dirt), and it affects them materially.

      • ecoquant Says:

        The response to someone worrying about their house price being affected when a neighbor installs solar or a wind turbine ought to be that they should also get solar. The LBNL/Sunshot study shows, on average, homes with solar sell for about 4%. Zillow has begun to use having PV as a factor in their pricing homes, as well as, of course, risk to home and value by being in a poorly situated located for flooding, etc.

      • greenman3610 Says:

        it’s a common complaint, but not born out in our experience here in the upper midwest.

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