Chris Tomlinson: Texas Unlikely to Learn from the Blackout

March 19, 2021

Final installment of my interview with Houston Chronicle’s Chris Tomlinson.

Chris is a 5th generation Texan, and he sees “nothing in the Texas DNA” that would indicate there will be a lot of learning here on climate.

2 Responses to “Chris Tomlinson: Texas Unlikely to Learn from the Blackout”

  1. jimbills Says:

    The Republican instinct in learning from their mistakes is to double down, Texan or not.

    Texas’ chief energy regulator fiercely defended fossil fuels after historic blackouts. She also profits from oil and gas.

    I do think Texas will turn blue due to demographics at some point, but this event will long passed by then and far out of voter memory.

    Ken Paxton, a thoroughly corrupt Republican creep, is playing the populist card right now and getting money back to those that underpaid for electricity from wholeseale prices before the snowstorm and then had enormous bills during the outage. Here’s a guy that will defend market forces at every turn – EXCEPT when it benefits him politically to do otherwise. And he’s right. There are a lot of Texans who will think Republicans have their backs from this.

    $29 million of electric bills from Texas winter storm will be forgiven, AG says

    And we’ll go back to the same same here in Texas. It’ll be summer soon.

  2. John Kane Says:

    It is not only Texas Republicans who are in denial, Here in Canada the Conservative Party of Canada at its national convention just rejected 54%/46% Conservative delegates reject adding ‘climate change is real’ to the policy book.

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