Music History Break: Chad Mitchell Trio – Your Friendly Liberal Neighborhood Ku Klux Klan

March 18, 2021

Things you stumble over when looking for something else.
So I’m going over an interview with John Schwartz of the New York Times, and we were talking about perennial themes of conspiracy theories, and he mentions the John Birch Society, and oddly, to me, references the Chad Mitchell Trio, a folk group from the early 60s.

So, Google gets involved.
Above, turns out they did have a song satirizing conspiracy theories from the Cold War era, featuring pokes at the JBS.

But what hooked me is, do you recognize the guy in the middle?
See bottom of post for another clue.

1966, Merv Griffin show.
Chad Mitchell had quit the Chad Mitchell Trio, so they were just “The Mitchell Trio”.

And the guy that replaced Chad?
An unknown by the name of John Denver.

Not exactly timeless musically, but what comes thru is that they are satirizing parents and grandparents of the nutcases we still know today.
Worth remembering.

One Response to “Music History Break: Chad Mitchell Trio – Your Friendly Liberal Neighborhood Ku Klux Klan”

  1. Don Osborn Says:

    So much loved the music and contributions of Henry John Deutschendorf Jr! As an Air Force brat, John was in the Tucson Boys Choir.

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