Weekend Wonk Bonus: Texas Experts Conversation Break Down the Breakdown

February 27, 2021

You will not find a better informed, more useful conversation and primer on what went wrong in Texas, and where to go from here.

Join Advanced Power Alliance (APA) and the Conservative Texans for Energy Innovation (CTEI) to discuss the recent electric grid crisis, and broader energy crisis, in Texas. Jeff, President of the Advanced Power Alliance, moderates an expert panel discussion to discuss critical lessons learned and how to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Hear from FERC veteran Alison Silverstein, Dr. Dan Cohan (Rice U.), Dr. Joshua Rhodes (U Texas), and Energy Regs expert Attorney Michael Jewell as they examine the causes and the solutions to the crisis that shook Texas’ energy systems.


One Response to “Weekend Wonk Bonus: Texas Experts Conversation Break Down the Breakdown”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Whoa! They covered it from a lot of very different angles (political, infrastructure, market behavior, changing climate expectations, etc.).

    In the solutions section (~50m in), Silverstein brought up the resiliency factor of distributed energy and storage, improved poor/multifamily efficiency and insulation, etc., which I’ve heard a lot about. What I hadn’t recognized before was the need for better “sectionalization” to allow for finer grained rolling blackout control such that hospitals aren’t sharing service blocks with large amounts of non-emergency users.

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