At ERCOT: Don’t Say Climate Change

February 19, 2021

Houston Chronicle:

A study last year by scientists at Texas A&M University estimated that by 2036, extreme rainfall would become 30 to 50 percent more frequent in Texas than it was in the second half of the 20th century, and storm surge risk along some parts of the Texas coast would double by 2050.

“Prudent planning recognizes that we cannot know whether reality will end up higher or lower than the best available present-day estimates,” the report cautioned.

Already, grid operators are struggling to anticipate the demands extreme weather can place on a power grid. In November, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, predicted power demand this winter would peak at 57,699 MW – it ended up at more than 69,000 megawatts Sunday.

So far, ERCOT has not made understanding climate change’s impact on the grid a priority, said Doug Lewin, an energy consultant in Austin.

“We never hear the words climate change spoken at ERCOT because of the politics. It’s a taboo subject,” he said. “We’re using the past as a predictor of the future and we can’t do that. We’ve fundamentally shifted the planet’s systems, and it’s only just started.”

At a press conference Friday, ERCOT President Bill Magness said the organization would be reviewing how it goes about planning for extreme weather.

“We’re looking at any number of scenarios on how our forecasts are put together,” he said. “2021 certainly is a marker.”

2 Responses to “At ERCOT: Don’t Say Climate Change”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    15 years of pretty much full time research and writing about climate catastrophe (after an undergraduate degree in environmental education and psychotherapy grad school) and lunatics still have the power to amaze me. Even seeing exactly the same arguments literally thousands of times, the flabbergasting perseveration of lying in the face of not just this predicted and already experienced disaster but onrushing global Götterdämmerung in which the bridge to nowhere burns down with us on it, the brazenness of the right wing in telling utterly transparent lies decades after they’ve been shown to be wrong tens of thousands of times, the complete invalidation of every aspect of their ideology over and over and over. It’s understandable why they do it; what’s baffling is how many people believe it.

  2. Mark Mev Says:

    That is because it was not happening, then it might be happening but not because of CO2, then even if it is happening it happened before without anthropogenic co2, and also we can’t forget any data that might point to something different happening now means the data is fake. I’ve had these discussions before.

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