Texas Nightmare Coming in Waves

February 17, 2021

2 Responses to “Texas Nightmare Coming in Waves”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Subfreezing temps in Austin for all but a few hours in the last four days (my electricity was out for all this from Sunday evening until just before midnight Thursday).

    We broke the jet stream, so it’s not entirely unexpected.

    Over the next few decades, however, these deep freezes will gradually be less…deep as the world overall heats up.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    “Over the next few decades, however, these deep freezes will gradually be less…deep as the world overall heats up”. Really?

    It may seem counterintuitive, but as the world heats up and atmospheric and ocean circulation patterns are disrupted, we are likely to see MORE of these deep freeze polar vortex breakouts, not fewer.

    From the book jacket of THE COMING GLOBAL SUPERSTORM by Bell and Strieber, published in 2000.

    “Over several months. a potent succession of cold fronts will sweep across the world. Ever increasing in in intensity and duration, damaging storms will batter the West Coast and spawn flooding, mudslides, and severe deadly tornadoes across the country. Similar powerful storms will pummel Europe, sending millions streaming south in panic.”

    “Then meteorologists from the NWS will issue their most severe warning yet, a storm that appears to be larger and more terrible than modern man has seen before. It forms a virtually non-stop hurricane of snow and ice that begins to bury the Northern Hemisphere under an impenetrable sheet of frost. As weeks go by, the skies will remain turbulent and dark, and mankind will be thrust into its greatest peril”

    Bell and Strieber interviewed many of the usual suspects 20 years GO—-Alley, Rignot, Ramsdorf—-the problem is that we didn’t understand climate change very well back then and still don’t today. There is evidence of superstorms in the past, and they came on fast—“like flipping a light switch” one said. We have dragged our feet far too long, and may not be able to do much but RUN when the next one hits.

    But not to worry—we are still planning to go back to the moon and send men to Mars—-and I find that to be one of the biggest evidences of stupidity on the part of the human race.

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