Qanon Kook Update

February 5, 2021

My next video (after the one that’s dropping any minute now) explores the links between climate denial and whatever craziness it is that makes people cling to Qanon craziness.

9 Responses to “Qanon Kook Update”

  1. jmmirsky Says:

    Anderson Cooper’s lead segment last night on the same topic was excellent:

    • dumboldguy Says:

      More than excellent. And a sad commentary on how low the Repugnant Party has sunk. I hate to ask it again, but what is wrong with these people?

    • ubrew12 Says:

      From your video: MTG, reading from ‘Q’, at 2:41: “There’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to take this global cable[sic] of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out.”

      Here’s a ‘tell’: Someone who doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘cabal’, is probably not the person to take seriously when warning you about it.

    • mboli Says:

      I hate those heavily-edited clips.

      It is what the right-wing rage machine does when they want to smear somebody. They prepare a video with “some people did something,” another clip showing the context was the 9/11 attack, something about Muslims, and the Democrat is forever labeled in many peoples’ minds as having excused the 9/11 attackers. All from about 4 seconds of video.

      After that, if people see the more full unedited version, they have already been been primed to see the r-w rage interpretation. It is hard to undo the damage.

      I used to listen to Maddow sometimes on Air America Radio, but stopped when I realized her show habitually employed the same tactic. They would edit to distort the words of her targets in order to stir up left-wing rage. Sometimes I could find the original statement online to see for myself. Maddow is shameless.

      Seeing CNN’s montage of 1- and 2-second clips of MTG was disappointing. MTG believes and promulgates these offensive and nutty ideas. But I also reasonably believe that the montage was created by expert propaganda editors. I stopped part-way through. To hell with that.

      • Mark Mev Says:

        Having to listen to heavily edited clips or having to listen to what might be hours of videos and posts from her. What a choice. I already lost too many brain cells to alcohol and need to conserve whatever functioning neurons I have left. Do I have to watch the full 2 hour My Pillow guy infomercial to understand that he is a wack job or would the same conclusion happen from snippets?

  2. neilrieck Says:

    Back in the day, really smart conservatives (and here I am thinking about people like Winston Churchill) would lose an election the step aside gracefully with lines like “the people have spoken”. Today, really smart conservatives (and here I am thinking about people like Ted Cruz) play to their much more stupid base by supporting weird conspiracy theories like “the election was stolen by liberals” even though federal government agencies, like Homeland Security, have told us that the recent election was one of the most honest. It seems to me that in the case of Churchill, it gave his base an ideal to strive for (let’s be smarter and more well-spoken). It also seems to me that in the more modern case where conservative “play politics like a team sport” so will not ever criticize crazy points of view, the ideal to shoot for is not the IQ of Ted Cruz but the lunacy of people like MTG. They didn’t speak out about the crazy things Trump said and they won’t speak out against this.

  3. jimbills Says:

    “whatever craziness it is that makes people cling to Qanon craziness”

    There are a bunch of different reasons tied to individual experiences. But, I think most can be boiled down to a recent experience of feeling (or actually being) dispossessed tied with a bit of narcissism (an unquestioning sense of superiority), Dunning-Kruger, and a lot of a failure to self-question. The dispossession is really important, though – these are people who feel they aren’t appreciated or represented anymore, and they are seeking a community that embraces them, gives them a narrative that everyone else is wrong, and provides an ‘appealing’ (to them, to any outside perspective it’s fugnuts) story of the good guys finding out about the bad guys, and learning how to beat them.

    A while back, NYT had this profile, and it’s really interesting reading:

    She was a Bernie supporter, Harvard educated and living in Manhattan, turned into a far right QAnon spreader. She might be an outlier, but I think threads of her case can be found in a lot of Q people.

    Unfortunately, the pandemic has spread a lot of this feeling of dispossession. Here’s another article with some theories of why QAnon had/has such a following:

    There’s a highlighted part in there that is important:

    Conspiracy theories may comfort people trying to make sense of the pandemic

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