Saul Griffith on the Soft Costs of Solar

January 28, 2021

More from my interview with MacArthur Genius Saul Griffith.
Here, Griffith discusses the “soft costs” of solar, permitting, installation, “costs of sale”, and how dealing with those costs allows for a radical drop in solar prices.
Now is the time for this conversation, so look for a series of posts on the energy transition now underway.

One Response to “Saul Griffith on the Soft Costs of Solar”

  1. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    The state of South Australia was first to ‘get’ extensive rooftop solar and still installing. Shopping Mall car parks shaded by massive PV are a beautiful sight. Subsidies still exist, input tariffs are down and under threat because of peak overload. The overall contribution of PV is reported to be 10%. ( I can not establish exactly what that number means, so am just accepting it.) With that contribution, this summer is seeing hours when PV is providing 100% of requirements!!!
    Is good. Precursor of problems to be addressed.

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